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Clinical Pharmacy

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Clinical Pharmacy Services at Arch Health Medical Group

Pharmacotherapy Clinic

Meet one on one with a clinical pharmacist who specializes in caring for patients with diabetes and high blood pressure. These specially trained pharmacists work in collaboration with your primary care doctor and have the ability to adjust your medication regimen in order to better meet your goals of therapy. The pharmacist can also provide counseling and education regarding what to expect from your medication, how to take your medication, possible side effects, as well as dietary recommendations. Call and schedule an appointment today!

Anticoagulation Clinic

The pharmacist-run anticoagulation clinic was created to help safely and effectively monitor those patients receiving warfarin and other anticoagulants. This is a telephone based service that does not require you to physically come to clinic. The pharmacist will review all relevant information including desired level of anticoagulation, laboratory values, past medical history, current medications, and contact you via telephone with a personalized dosage regimen.

Refill Center

Clinical pharmacists and pharmacy technicians work with your healthcare provider to ensure timely delivery of medication refill requests. This process enhances efficiency within Arch Health Medical Group Clinics by decreasing the amount of time spent on refill requests thus improving appointment wait times. In addition, safety and efficacy of your medication refills are maximized by having a pharmacist review drug interactions, monitor laboratory values, screen for signs of toxicity, and assess medication efficacy.

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