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Arch Health Offers FREE Medicare Informational Workshops

Do you know all you need to about Medicare? Are you ready to take advantage of everything Medicare offers? We are here to help! 

If you are 65 and over, or turning 65 soon, this is the time to do a “health check” on your coverage. Even if you are happy with your current Medicare coverage, we can answer your questions about new options that may better suit your individual needs in 2018.
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Throughout the year, Arch Health Medical Group has dedicated staff ready to assist you with FREE on-site workshops.  Click here for a list of dates and to register for one of these informative events!

Topics include: 
     - Medicare overview and how to enroll
    -  Medicare Part B, Part C and Part D
    -  Prescription drug options and plans

Click here to sign up for a class
For a full list of workshops and information kiosks in your area, please click here.

Effective APRIL 1, 2018
CMS mailed new Medicare cards with new numbers to protect patients from fraudulent use of SSNs, which can lead to identify theft and illegal use of Medicare benefits.

Who received a new Medicare card?
Medicare members, dependents and their spouses

When will the old Medicare card no longer be accepted?
The transition period will start April 1, 2018 and run through December 31, 2019

Who can the patient call if they have questions regarding their new Medicare card?
Social Security at 1.800.772.1213, or online to their online accounts at
Rail Road (RRB) at 1.877.772.5772 for your patients who qualify for Medicare under the RRB

Patient Reminder: Medicare will never do an outbound call regarding their new card. Patients should not share their new card number with people who call them.

Prescription Drug Coverage Gap

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