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Where Healing Begins

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  • 16 May 2010
  • Arch Health News
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Arch Health Partners: Where Healing Begins

“The way health care should be delivered.”
That’s how Arch Health Partners is being described by the key physicians and executives responsible for developing Palomar Pomerado Health’s (PPH) new non-profit integrated physician organization. Centre for Health Care, with 40 physicians representing 11 specialties, is the first group to join Arch Health Partners. Their affiliation became effective April 1 and includes a name change to “Arch Health Partners.”
Arch Health Partners was designed to coordinate and manage patient care throughout the entire spectrum – from primary care office visits to hospital care, rehabilitation and ancillary services. Physicians and hospital staff share medical information and work collaboratively to improve quality and patient satisfaction.
“Our patient-centered vision emphasizes prevention and health education while coordinating medical services at all levels,” says Stuart Graham, M.D., Board Member, Arch Health Partners.  “We do that by focusing on and supporting the relationship between the primary care physicians and their patients.”
Coordinated care, or case management, is considered the cornerstone of delivering optimal outcomes and heightened patient satisfaction. This collaborative process relies on nationally recognized evidence-based medical practices and information sharing between all providers involved in the care of the patient.
“When this proactive approach to quality care is followed, there is often a reduction in the duplication of services and use of emergency services, which decreases out-of-pocket costs for patients and the health-care system as a whole,” says Victoria Lister, FACHE, Executive Director, Arch Health Partners. “We followed that prescription at Centre for Health Care for years and it benefited our patients and physicians.”
By aligning with PPH, Arch Health Partners is committed to serving PPH’s 800 square-mile service area. In the future, Arch Health Partners envisions having more medical office locations by growing its primary care base and having more than 100 member physicians.
“This integrated medical system is comprised of physicians who are dedicated to providing optimal quality care that results in consistently high outcomes and patient satisfaction,” says Robert Trifunovic, M.D., PPH Medical Staff Development Officer. “When physicians and hospital services are closely aligned, the quality of care improves along with patient satisfaction.”
“With the future of reimbursement moving to integrated payments for physician and hospital services, it is critical that PPH establish a vehicle that will allow alignment in a closer fashion,” says Michael H. Covert, FACHE, PPH President and Chief Executive Officer. “At the same time, we recognize the need to significantly increase the number of internal medicine and family practice physicians to accommodate population growth in our primary and secondary service areas.”
“Planning for the number of retirements that may occur among our physicians and the need for replacing them, while also responding to managed care organization issues, demands that we be more assertive in accommodating these needs,” Covert says. “Arch Health Partners can help us do that and will help put us on a footing similar to health systems like Sharp, Scripps, UCSD and Kaiser in the region.”

The Meaning Behind Arch Health Partners

Arch – Represents the connection between member physicians and the PPH hospitals and other services.

Health – Represents the core business purpose.
Partners – Represents the equal cooperation between PPH and the physicians. The plural form indicates that this integrated medical system includes multiple entities now and in the future.

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