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  • 02 Apr 2010
  • News Release
  • Andy Hoang


Poway, Calif. – Palomar Pomerado Health (PPH) has partnered with Centre for Healthcare (CHC) to form a new integrated health-care model – Arch Health Partners.  The mission of Arch Health Partners is to bring more primary care physicians to the community and expand health services in the North County region.  

Arch Health Partners is designed to coordinate and manage all elements of patient care by aligning the existing health system with additional primary care physicians into a streamlined and collaborative partnership.  What makes this medical group unique is the “coordinated care” a patient will now experience.  With this new partnership all services from primary care physicians to rehabilitation services to hospital care will now be provided together in one medical group.

CHC, a well-known and trusted healthcare provider serving the North County in Poway and Ramona for nearly two decades, is the first organization to join Arch Health Partners bringing more than 40 health-care providers representing 11 specialties including: dermatology, internal medicine, urgent care, gastroenterology and otolaryngology.  Arch Health Partners will look to expand its programs and services beyond Poway and Ramona, localizing specialized care in PPH’s primary and secondary markets.

Arch Health Partners will provide patients with a broader base of primary care and specialist physicians from CHC, along with the hospital inpatient and outpatient services of PPH, under one umbrella.  CHC will officially become known as Arch Health Partners as of today. 

“When physicians and hospital services are closely aligned, the quality of care improves along with patient satisfaction,” says Robert Trifunovic, M.D., PPH Medical Staff Development Officer.  “This medical group is comprised of physicians who are dedicated to providing optimal quality care, which results in consistently high outcomes and patient satisfaction.”
The establishment of Arch Health Partners is also fundamental for the growing population and will provide more health-care services and options to patients, along with a broader wealth of medical knowledge. 

“We recognized the need to significantly increase the number of internal medicine and family practice physicians to accommodate population growth in our service areas,” said Michael H. Covert, FACHE, PPH president and CEO. “It allows us to position ourselves effectively in this era of health-care reform. Bundling of services will be the future model for care delivery.”  Together, PPH and Arch Health Partners will serve an area of 800 square-miles and plans to grow its base to more than 100 member physicians in the future, with additional medical office locations opening throughout North County.

“The alignment of PPH and Centre For Health Care is an important step forward to improve the coordination of health-care services for our patients across the health-care continuum – from the doctors’ office to the inpatient hospital and beyond,” said Victoria Lister, Executive Director, Arch Health Partners (and former Chief Executive Officer of Centre For Health Care).

A grand opening ceremony will be held Saturday, June 26 from 1:00PM-5:00PM to commemorate CHC’s transition to Arch Health Partners at 15611 Pomerado Road, Poway, CA 92064.  The event is free and the public is welcome to attend.

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